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Erasmus+ Project: Alliances for Education and Enterprises (Oct 2023 - Sept 2026)

CoDEMO - Co-Creative Decision-Makers
for 5.0 Organizations


logo CoDEMO 5.0 aims to enhance European innovation capacities in the field of value creation for 5.0 Organizations. Utilizing the framework of a 5.0 Society, the initiative seeks to foster alignment between Digital Innovation and Green Mindset, facilitating the evolution of businesses from a 4.0 paradigm, primarily centered on digitalization and technology, towards a 5.0 focus, emphasizing environmental sustainability, resilience, and human-centric approaches.
The project aims to facilitate the seamless implementation of collaborative value-creation endeavors among socio-economic stakeholders, while also nurturing the development of novel innovative knowledge, skills, and competencies tailored for 5.0 decision-makers across diverse sectors. Industry, Healthcare and Agri-food are the economic sectors at the core of the innovation initiatives.

5.0 Organization is an organization that focuses on the use of human skills combined with the technological potential of robots and intelligent systems, encompassing resilient, green and human-centric approaches.

CoDEMO 5.0: What is it about?


The main objectives are:

  • Collaborate with institutional, academic, and socio-economic partners to establish 5.0 value co-creation infrastructures, networks, and initiatives.
  • Implement a distinctive European Open Badge Certification system to foster 5.0 innovation, knowledge, skills, and competencies among both academic students and vocational learning trainees.
  • Establish a sustainable international community focused on 5.0 value co-creation, supported by an interactive e-platform.
  • Develop cutting-edge learning methodologies tailored for face-to-face, blended, and practical learning scenarios, catalyzing the real-world development of essential skills and competencies.

Expected Outputs

The expected outputs are organized into four streams:

  • Value Co-Creation Labs: 6 national networks of socio-economic actors dedicated to 5.0 collaborative value creation will be established. The VCC Labs are physical installations based on the Digital Innovation Environment powered by OMiLAB, enhanced with 5.0 resources that facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration.
  • Innovation Boosters and Catalyzers: A knowledge sharing platform dedicated to support both BOOSTERS (collaborative 5.0 networks and initiatives among socio-economic actors) and CATALYZERS (learning and educational activities for the certifcation and development of knowledge, skills and competences) will be developed.
  • 5.0 Certification: A unique European Open Badge Certification for Decision-Makers for 5.0 Organization will be offered. Materials and methodologies, covering knowledge, skills and competencies with a unique development frame, shared by all sectors of application (health, agritechnology, industry) are included.
  • Educational and Vocational Training: The learning content required for 5.0 organizational Decision-Makers is collaboratively designed by Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) facilities, supported by the industry partners with case-study and praxis examples.


Coordination and Consortium


Prof. Dr. Xavier Boucher


Associated Partners

Participants Countries

France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Austria, South Korea